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Our Vision

Love and Rage has a vision of a world where we don’t just survive, we thrive. A world where our climate is stable, biodiversity is flourishing, animal suffering and wildlife persecution have ended and humans are healthy and happy.

We can only tackle the urgency of biodiversity loss and climate breakdown if we collectively shout above the noise. A noise of inaction, misinformation, corruption and illegality from government departments and powerful industries, to the polluting elite and billionaire press.

There are ways that everyone can get involved. However small doing our bit’ may feel, together the impact can be huge.

How we work

What is the change we need to see?

  • Halt and reverse biodiversity loss in the UK
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the UK
  • End wildlife crime and the abuse of animals 

By identifying the major obstacles we need to overcome and the root causes of the problem we will focus our actions and campaigning on the critical small changes that need to happen to achieve the big overall change.

Through our knowledge, expertise, relationships and partnerships our small team can have a big impact. By supporting other organisations and working in parallel with existing groups and movements, our role involves informing, engaging and inspiring the public to take action along with pressurising decision makers and industry to enact the necessary changes.

We believe in an ecology of movements’ working together towards a shared objective in the dual crises of biodiversity and climate. We support a diversity of tactics’ from petitions to protest, digital campaigns to direct action. We strive to bring collective activism into the mainstream through the use of culture, art, music, film and humour.

Chris Packham joins No New Oil protest with scientists outside Parliament

The Team

  • Chris Packham

    Chris Packham is a TV broadcaster, environmental campaigner and conservationist. He has dedicated his life's work to the conservation of the natural world.

  • Emma Smart

    Emma Smart is a freshwater Ecologist-turned-activist with over 25 years experience working in academia, wildlife NGOs, climate activism and nature campaigning.

  • Fabian Harrison

    Fabian Harrison is a digital campaigner and video producer who has worked with NGOs, political parties and activist groups.

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