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It’s time to take to the streets for nature

People's Walk for Wildlife (Image: Jamie Peters)

We are in a crisis. A nature crisis. You’ll have heard it before – but the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth.

Our coastlines are a sewage dumping ground, farm effluent in our rivers, ancient trees felled, protected species culled and our National Parks mismanaged.

And our leaders? They continue to fiddle while the planet burns.

But there is a glimmer of hope – if the political will existed we could clean up our rivers, restore native woodlands, rewild our landscapes, invest in renewable energies, stop the drain and burn of our peatlands, protect the marine environment and so much more.

We must take to the streets.

I’m asking you to join me on June 22nd at 12 noon in London to bring our simple message to the heart of power – we must Restore Nature Now.

This will be a march like never before. National Trust standing side by side with Just Stop Oil, RSPB standing side by side with Extinction Rebellion, WWF, The Wildlife Trusts, and so on.

This demand needs all off us, if we are to be with any chance of getting our elected representatives, and prospective candidates to listen.

We need you in London on June 22nd. Birdwatchers, ramblers, ecologists, pond dippers, river-swimmers, ramblers, hunt saboteurs, no-mow-mayers, anglers, scientists, butterfly counters, spring-watchers, gardeners, rewilders, conservationists – we need you all there.

Pledge to march

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